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  • Oxeyes at Oxbow

    Oxeyes at Oxbow

    Oxeyes at Oxbow
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    Oxbow Farm Livestock!
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    Waste 2

    Recycling waste
  • Horses at Oxbow Farm


    Horses at Oxbow Farm
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    Wilton the dog

    Wilton the dog
  • Natural beauty

    Natural beauty
  • Hen house


    Oxbow Farm
  • Oxbow Farm

    Oxbow Farm

    Oxbow Farm
  • TheEntrance To Oxbow Farm

    The Entrance to Oxbow Farm

    The Entrance to Oxbow Farm
  • waste removal

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    Environmentally friendly waste removal


Responsible waste management

Over the last 20 years we have established a policy of conscious environmental care in a bid to reduce our environmental impact through reducing waste, recycling materials where possible and minimising our energy consumption. Our vehicles are modern, up to date and well maintained to be as economical as they can be.


A degree of waste is inevitable though through planning and proper management, we do our best to minimise waste wherever we can. By their very nature, many flooring products are non bio-degradable. For over 25 years, all such waste is disposed of through Grundon, the UK’s largest privately owned waste management company. As licenced waste carriers, we can remove all waste associated with the installation of your new carpets or flooring, including the disposal of any old carpet. Carpet that cannot be recycled can be processed and pelleted for fuelling powerstations.


Wildlife conservation and regeneration at Oxbow Farm

When we moved to Oxbow Farm nearly 20 years ago, we made a conscious decision to regenerate and rejuvenate areas of sparse fallow land on the farm thereby creating habitats for all manner of wild life. We dug a lake, planted a 17 acre wood of hawthorns, chestnuts, beech, oak, cherry, birch, ash and willow and made headland paths for walking and riding, bordered by game crops. This, now, semi-mature landscape is home to countless species of birds, animals, fish, insects, and butterflies – a whole ecosystem in itself and a haven for visitors too. Importantly, this stewardship of the landscape, besides bringing life and beauty to an otherwise barren area, goes some way to mitigate our environmental impact.

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